• Re: Test please ignore

    From McDoob@21:4/135 to Sporathan on Tue Jan 25 16:30:10 2022
    Ok you're reading this, not ignoring this. I asked you, I even said please. Have you no respect? Good because that's exactly the kind of person I want to associate myself with. You're in good company if you can't follow authority. Be your own king.

    Sorry, what did you say? I was too busy ignoring... (o_-)

    SysOp, PiBBS

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  • From Sporathan@21:1/101 to McDoob on Wed Jan 26 15:59:27 2022
    Ok wow.. I sent that from my new BBS (21:1/100) and thought I had posted it to the fsxNet Test Arena. I'll have to figure out why it ended up in the Ham base.

    Sorry about that. :)

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