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    Exodus wrote to Gamgee <=-

    Wipe that virus-laden "OS" off the computer, install Linux, and keep on moving forward. Cost = 0.

    +1 to Gamgee there! However there is a hidden cost there, and that is a fundamental change. Some people find it super hard to deal with such a change, and would rather continue with Windows and all it's problems instead of doing the sensible thing and change to Linux. I experienced this with my mother-in-law, she continuously had issues with malware and ended up paying a premium for support (I refused to work on her windows installation, because it became a weekly grind). What made her bite the bullet was that a well-meaning soul deleted all her digital photos. I used a live CD to recover all of them bar one obscure photo, and then proceeded to build her a lovely desktop based on Ubuntu Studio. It's so easy to use, doesn't break and "well-meaning souls" take one look at her computer and back away from it not knowing what to do!

    I love the version of Ubuntu that has ADS in the terminal window ....
    that was classy for whoever did that.

    That was a low blow. It drew a lot of backlash at the time, and rightly so. We are all kind of used to browsers being used to blast these ads, and the
    console was akin to a "last bastion". Almost a sacred place. And then these blasted ads popped up with all the associated knees and noses being jerked out of place. Quite funny to watch it happen, and also watch the inevitable Twitter ground-swell of vitriol and hate. Most instructive! :-)

    Still, I could not help feeling a bit violated in a sense. My console is my "ad-free happy place", and to barge in there is a bit rude to say the least. Thankfully it's really easy to disable, and I believe they have stopped doing this nonsense in the following point release. At least it proves that they do take notice when half the Internet arrives on their doorstep with pitchforks and firebrands! :-D

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