• December

    From Avon@21:1/101 to All on Sun Dec 4 21:12:42 2022
    We'll I spent a couple of weeks away, time with family helping my parents and then time visiting my wife's side of the family also. Not long back and playing catch-up on work tasks and 700+ emails ...

    A quick scan of this echo and seems we're talking about sandwiches?? But I did scan things quickly :)

    Busy here at home, got a new wood burner going in this week... it's summer here but by April I expect it will be getting a workout.

    Also had to buy a new fridge/freezer as the Westinghouse one we had since 2005 gave up the ghost and was not economical to repair :( It gets delivered tomorrow... they did try to deliver it a couple of days ago (Sat morning) but discovered they needed more manpower to lift the sucker into the house etc... so tomorrow we expect to see a few more people at the house in the morning to help lug it in.

    I'm looking forward to the Christmas holidays and need a rest.

    Hope you guys are going OK :)

    Best, Paul

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