• Launching oNyX bBs

    From seeLive@21:2/128 to All on Wed Oct 19 12:31:08 2022
    Hey all, I finally got to the place where is it done (enough) to go live with the new board... I added a lot of art and animation and some cool screen savers... plus, lots a of custom modes... I tried to go with an interesting theme and think the artwork (with the artists permission) really works.

    New games will be coming soon as well...

    So, come and give it a try and let me know what you think... any feedback is good feedback... Enjoy!

    telnet://onyxbbs.mywire.org:2300 / :2200 ssh / onyxwww.mywire.org web

    |07-|15seeLive|08─|15{ "|07Sysop|15": ["|07oNyX bBs|15"] }

    |15onyxbbs.mywire.org:2300-tel / :2200-ssh / onyxwww.mywire.org-web
    |07fsxnet / fidonet / tqwnet / dovenet / gamenet / sfnet|14

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A48 2022/07/15 (Raspberry Pi/32)
    * Origin: oNyX bBs - onyxbbs.mywire.org:2300/2200 (21:2/128)