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    Mostly directed to Avon... I'm testing this area for new messages. I appears that Tj from Fidonet Region 15 is dealing with a headache of issue right now. Why does the To: auto-fill to UNUSED when beginning send a message using (P)ost Message with Mystic (Linux-ver)... I'm working on figuring it out right now. Just wanted to let you know he still interested in FSXNet. Thanks for your quick response.


    Its this the same TJ from Teamspeak? If it is tell him to say hi. I'll be happy to look it over for him

    yeah- stop by Teamspeak sometime- we're usually on around 10pm PT- also come by Stepping Stone BBS telnet steppingstonebbs.com port pHNm production- an invite to all those that are worthy. see you soon


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