• Re: Premature Electronic Death

    From bbspat@21:4/163 to Nigel Reed on Sun Oct 2 19:57:25 2022
    So I'm now wondering if I spend more money to buy a new sound module,
    that I don't have a connection to my past, or if I attempt to hack on
    it and look for some DC fuse, or just call it a loss.

    If it's been stored for a long time and it's somewhat old, I'd suspect
    you have a bad cap or two. Open it up and look for any caps that are bulging, have a rounded top or are leaking and replace them.

    Common problem in old electronics.

    Well, the story took a better turn then I thought it would. I did end up taking it apart, not finding any blown caps or fuses. On a late night eBay hunt, I found and purchased a standalone Roland MIDI player that I had wanted, an MT-90, that could use a USB flash drive or USB floppy. It can also be used as a regular sound module as well.

    When the unit arrived, for giggles, I tested it's power supply with my previously deceased SD-20 and it came right back to life. Unfortunately for my wife, it hasn't stopped me from chasing after some other new sound module units.

    I suspect the old power supply just succumbed to the elements in my garage. My house is now back to being serenaded with game soundtracks and childhood holiday tunes.

    Appreciate the ideas.
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