• Playing Around w/ REMOTE ACCESS

    From SirRonmit@21:2/120 to ALL on Sat Jun 24 16:17:16 2023
    So I saw a couple other awesome BBS' using the (IT) Remote Access function.
    I decided to setup (for testing) a link from THIS Mystic install to the :23 logging only Mystic A48 install -- that is fun!

    I also forgot I had a Synchronet VDi I had setup while testing out Telnet/HTML BBS packages. so I powered that on and also added the (IT) shortcut from the Sysop menu. Now I understand more how others who run Gaming Door Access servers work.

    Has anyone setup Mystic and Files areas? or Mystic and fsxNET message areas? I only get to play around here and there, but had wanted to add certain aspects of today's BBS to my main offsite server (and be able to pull from my local Mystic VDi).

    I do get to have fun over lunch from my new place of work using the Telnet Access Portal installed on my .com server -- as long as there are no interruptions between Louisiana (my off site server location) and Nebraska (my Mystic VDi server).

    I disabled FTP (but would love to setup web access like I see others have). I also disabled RLOGIN and SSH for now as well.

    Timothy Norris
    aka SirRonmit
    bbs.f4fbbs.com:2323 or :62323

    ... Everyone smiles in the same language.

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A48 (Windows/32)
    * Origin: Files 4 Fun BBS (21:2/120)