• Echomail Changes (Reminder)

    From Avon@21:1/101 to All on Sat May 6 13:08:11 2023
    Echomail Areas Closing - Reminder #2

    A reminder that the following echomail areas are to be retired and will close down effective 10 May 2023

    FSX_ESP Espanol General Chat
    FSX_DIY D.I.Y Chat, Tips + Tricks
    FSX_FOOD Food + Cooking Chat
    FSX_GARDENING Gardening Chat
    FSX_ARTS Arts + Artistic Chat
    FSX_TRANSPORT Transportation Chat (All Modes)
    FSX_SPORTS Sports Chat

    In their place a new echomail area FSX_LFE has been created. It has a 'Lifestyle' focus and acts as a catch-all for topics including Gardening, DIY, Art, Food, Travel, Transport, Sports etc.

    I encourage sysops to delink and remove from their BBS the echomail
    areas that are closing in advance of 10 May 2023. By that date
    all remaining nodes still connected to the retiring echomail areas will be manually delinked from them by your HUB admin.

    If you opt to retain the retired echomail areas on your BBS for posterity
    after 10 May 2023 that is your call, but please ensure they are set as
    'read only' for your users.

    I also encourage fsxNet sysops to look for and subscribe to the new
    FSX_LFE echomail area which has now been added to the fsxnet.na file and created at your fsxNet HUB :)

    New Echomail Areas Coming

    Yes, further echomail areas are planned to be added. I will be in touch by separate post with some details in the coming weeks. More to follow :)

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    further discussion on this topic in FSX_NET

    Best, Paul aka Avon

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