• inter-bbs league resets

    From Avon@21:1/101 to All on Wed Apr 26 20:09:06 2023
    x-posted to FSX_GEN and FSX_NET

    The BRE, Galactic Dynasty, and For Honour inter-bbs fsxNet games have been reset.

    Nodes involved in the league should look out for updated CFG files in their inbound directory to drop into their local game folders.

    Galactic Dynasty is now using GameID 103

    For Honour is now using GameID 101

    I am sending out to nodes in the league the following updated CFG files.

    GAL-IBBS.CFG <-- drop this into your Galactic Dynasty directory
    FHR-IBBS.CFG <-- drop this into your For Honour directory
    brnodes.dat <-- drop this into your BRE directory

    Can all node playing in the league please re-vist their game configurations to check they have the latest CFG files installed, and the latest version of the software for the game installed.

    You may find some versions of GD and FH will have updated the GameID auto-magically but please still drop the file I send you in manually to overwrite your old one, as it will contain the up to date list of nodes playing in the league.

    Any problems / questions please get in touch - thanks :)

    Best, Paul.

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