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    From poindexter FORTRAN@21:4/122 to All on Mon Jan 16 16:29:00 2023
    I have an old Synology DS1010+ that I bought used, no idea how much it
    has been used before. The fans were starting to make noise and I was
    getting complaints of a system fan failing (then the next minute, the
    fault clears.) This happens once a day.

    I took the unit apart, gave it a good cleaning, and lubricated the fans. Surprisingly, all is well, nothing broke, and no screws left over.

    The only problem now is a drive that makes a high-pitched warble - loud
    enough to hear in my office. I could play it safe and put the NAS inside
    my armoire to quiet it down, or take the drives out of the array
    one-by-one to see which one's the offending drive.

    I have 5 2TB drives of various vintages and brands - one Western Digital
    Red, a couple of seagates, and 2 white-label drives. Surprising that it
    works at all.

    If you don't hear from me for a while, I took the left-hand path and am rebuilding my array from scratch.

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