• Hub 4 Housekeeping

    From Black Panther@21:1/186 to All on Mon Jan 9 21:43:52 2023
    Hi All,

    The following nodes are getting close to being removed from the system.

    21:4/119 33 days! Greg Youngblood - After Hours BBS
    21:4/168 33 days! Dale Cousins - Dales BBS
    21:4/175 39 days!! Initial Warning!! Mike Dippel - Mystic Hobbies BBS
    21:4/178 41 days!!! Removal Warning!!! Sam Penwright - Lost In Space BBS

    I will start removing nodes as they approach 45 days with no contact.



    Black Panther(RCS)
    aka Dan Richter
    Castle Rock BBS
    The sparrows are flying again...

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