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    From dotslash@21:2/152 to paulie420 on Thu Dec 22 12:08:58 2022
    Hi paulie420,

    paulie420 wrote to claw <=-

    Well, just an FYI - there are several bbSes (and networks) that offer
    LoRD w/ RIP. Fairly sure that DoorParty has a RIP option in RPG 1, and I've played using RIP at other bbSes, too... they're out there.

    The easiest way to use RIP is with the newest (beta?) SyncTerm - you
    have to create a ~/.syncterm/cache for any extra sound/files. If you
    run Windows, RipTel will get you connecting.

    Black Flag bbS has two RIP-only bbSes; one uses RIP 1.5 and one uses
    RIP 3. (A Searchlight and a Mystic bbS.) blackflag.acid.org:24
    Searchlight RIP blackflag.acid.org:23 Mystic RIP

    This is awesome, I can remember playing around with RIP ages ago (unsuccessfully, but hey I had fun). Do you have perhaps have links to documentation or ideas on how to implement RIP on Mystic?

    Jan Henkins

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