• fsxNet feedback

    From Avon@21:1/101 to All on Tue May 4 20:02:50 2021
    Hi all.

    Just a quick request to solicit for any feedback you may wish to share
    about fsxNet.

    If you have any thoughts on how things are going at present, stuff you would like to see more/less of, ideas for echos/file areas etc to add/remove etc. Stuff that could be done differently or things reinstated etc.

    You get the idea. Any feedback good, bad or otherwise appreciated.

    Can you ** please ** post any replies into FSX_NET and not here. I just want
    to keep all the fsxNet stuff in the echo set up for discussions about it.

    I will cross post this message into several echos in fsxNet to ensure it's
    been seen by folks who may otherwise not see it if not linked to some echos in the network. So advance apologies for the x-post spam.

    If you are not linked to FSX_NET here's the info about this echo should you wish to Areafix it from your HUB.


    FSX_NET - Discussions about fsxNet. Chat about current network operations, plans for the future and how to best implement them.


    Thanks in advance.

    Best, Paul.

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