• GIrls got chip planted without them knowing it

    From Meriadok@21:4/187 to All on Tue Mar 5 14:28:54 2024
    Some may say it kind of obscure conspiracy theory but, did you people ever heard of certain state (for example israel) with help of gay men cult or something stalking and abusing young girls, especially those who ever somehow got someone's attention for being lolita, nymphet, sexually curious or anything?

    I recently heard something like this, group or a cult stalk girls like this in pools, saunas clinics and fit centers and they plant something, possibly a tracking devices, virus capsulas or drugs and most of all chips under their skin?

    Buttocks, palms of hands and feets most of all?

    It leaves roundy red dot or a stripe on a skin people usually pay little to no attention.
    Some models have it too, for example https://www.xerotica.com/video/lovely-ginger-pleasures-her-lover-with-a-blowjob
    -before-he-slips-his-tool-deep-into-her-muff-51458.html or on a feet of this girl https://www.xerotica.com/video/captivating-dame-looks-fresh-as-she-shows-off-he

    Also they keep stalking and abusing (and possibly killing) girls, who could fit the some criteria:
    1. Who as a lolita in ANY way).
    2. Rhythmic gymnasts and possibly some other dance and sport practices.
    3. Who's skinny just skinny, no time to check for driving license just plant her on, izhak! She dates pedos anyway.
    4. Who's prominent member of certain pop culture communities (Sailor Moon for example) and
    5. Who's anyhow may be described as follower of anything relatively close can be described as mother-goddess cult or cult of Isis goddes (aka Usha, Venus, Innana and so on...
    Sailor Moon is targeted as somewhat of modern representation of following mythology) if you suspect something or know anything write about it!
    6. Daughters of those from groups above!

    inform inform inform!

    ... Confucius say: "Its stuffy inside fortune cookie"

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