• disroot, anyone?

    From Ogg@21:4/106.21 to All on Thu May 19 08:22:00 2022

    A new one I just heard about.. https://disroot.org

    The project is based in Amsterdam, was founded by Muppeth and
    Antilopa in 2015, it is maintained by volunteers and relies on
    the support of its community.

    Mailbox size limit: 1 GB
    Attachement size limit: 64 MB

    One particular feature..

    Delimiters: You can use delimiters (plus sign, "+") in your
    email address to create sub-addresses, like
    username+whatever@disroot.org, for example for filtering and
    tracking spam. Example: david@disroot.org can set up mail
    addresses like 'david+bank@disroot.org' that he could give to
    his bank. It can be used only to receive emails, not to send
    ones. Your emails will always be sent as david@disroot.org.


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