• binkq

    From Oli@21:1/151 to All on Fri Nov 29 17:54:51 2019

    I also wonder if we should use QUIC instead of TCP+TLS?

    I was able to establish a binkp connection over QUIC. I used quicssh [1], which
    is just a QUIC to TCP reverse proxy server and a proxy client that uses stdin/stdout. Not much different than the combination of a TLS proxy (stunnel/haproxy/nginx) with ncat. The only SSH specific in quicssh thing was the hard-coded port number 22.

    There was only the problem that the client does not exit after the session is closed. I hope there is an easy fix for it.

    [1] https://github.com/moul/quicssh

    * Origin: (21:1/151)