• PotW algorithms

    From jeff@21:1/180 to All on Sun Aug 18 18:33:04 2019
    Currently, the Puzzle of the Week only has one encryption algorithm: the classic "Aristocrat" cryptogram.

    Next up, hopefully this week, will be an implementation of the "Patristocrat" cryptogram, which differs from the "Aristocrat" in that punctuation and word breaks are not preserved and dummy characters may be added to the end.

    Each algorithm will have a 1/(number of algorithms implemented) chance of
    being selected each week.

    There are no rules as to how to solve them. If you're interested in devising
    a programming solution, it might be helpful to know that most distributions
    of Linux have (or make readily available) a text file, usually named "words," that contains an alphabetical listing of many, many words. It's usually used
    by spell-checkers. On my Raspberry Pi running Raspbian, it's located in /usr/share/dict.


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