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    From Visitor-0@21:4/121 to All on Mon Nov 7 07:26:43 2022

    my English is bad.

    I have very Boxes tested, but no one connected. I understand not what the Setup mean, i or my uplink.
    I read it give a Remote Access Clone, this Name TrRemote Access. Where can i find, in what telnet BBS?

    I have for exemple Problem. Crosspoint as OpenXP did only call out over DFU Net in my Windows Net-Settings. But i have no Modem over COM1 -COM4. I can this not fixes the very big Problem for me.

    A another big Problem is LoraBBS. I can not COM2 Port fixes. It is Started all Time with COM2 and Windows cloesed in few Seconds. I can started Setting, when i startet with Setup Prarameter - i forgot this Parameter. The COM2 disable is very bigger for me.

    Syncronet startet by me not too. It is waiting, i see Four Windows with rora Color and Red Letter.

    I find FSXNet. Bevor nothing Area for Sysop-Job. Nothing in IRC and Nothing in Discord. In Internet with Homepages, yes very more, but extrem very old. Over Fido. The Homepages Fidopedia is helpping with Pictues and Words. But i can not Winning my Problems.

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