• GSZ for Linux?

    From Nightfox@21:1/137 to All on Mon Jun 13 11:21:29 2022
    I realize this may be a silly question, and it's not too important, but I was just curious if there is a version of Omen Technologies' GSZ for Linux? I recently moved my BBS to Linux, and I know there is sz and rz available for zmodem transfers (and Synchronet has its own sexyz), but I was just remembering that I used to use GSZ with my DOS BBS in the 90s, and I liked GSZ'z informational window that it displayed while sending a file. I'm not going to be watchign file transfers all the time, but I thought it was cool to see. I've searched online, but I hadn't seen a mention of anythign like gsz for Linux, and most links only mention sz and rz.

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