• Door Testing

    From Apam to All on Tue Jun 7 11:54:00 2022

    I'm working on a new door, and am looking for some people to help play test it, give feedback / suggestions etc.

    It's not finished yet, but most of the basics are there, however as I am terrible at math, the balancing will almost certainly need some work.

    It's similarish to for honour (which is similarish to lord) it's set under the sea, the main difference so far is drops and an inventory system. I still need to add an armor store, post office and IGM support.. armor can be found when fighting though. You can quest for items too. At this stage, there's no pvp, and you don't lose your stuff when you die.

    If you're interested in helping test, sign up on my BBS:


    and send me a message letting me know you're interested.. and I will give you a flag to access the work-in-progress doors and door testing message base.

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