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    From HusTler@21:4/10 to All on Thu Oct 22 00:16:43 2020
    H A V E N S B B S IRC MRC Message Areas havens.synchro.net port 23 yyyy Door Games Files Support Dovenet Fidonet Retronet yyyyyyyyy $ New Users Welcome Fsxnet Usenet Micronet ░$ $$ Scinet Vkradionet ll $$ _,ggggg,_ :$$ll l$S#*s,._ :: $$ _., ;$$$▒░▒$$ll $$l __., ,.__ `ⁿ╩l l$$ ll _.,┬g#S$$$$ ll$$╩ⁿ`` __., l░$_.,┬g#S$$$$| l$$$$S#g┬,._$$l :: d░P╩ⁿ````ⁿ$$$ _.,┬g#S$$░$| :$$P╩ⁿ`````l$$l l$$l╝"```ⁿ╩S$$$ggggg :$l$$l l$$ll$P╩ⁿ`````l$$l $$l d$$░ :$$$ $$$: ░$$l l$$`l░▓$l l$$$$$yy#S$$$$$l $$l ll▒$$ l$$$ $$$ $$` l$$$ $$$l ll` $$$ `l$$b, , ,$$l$$$'~ yyyy $$$ `l$$l l$$$ l$$l ⁿ` ,d$░$$ll$░$$g,._.,g$$l `S$$g,,d$S' l$$__.,,gl$$lll░$: W$`,$$$$l :$$ll ~``ⁿ╩SllS╩ⁿ"```"ⁿ╩S$$; _,g`ⁿ╩╩╩ⁿ' :$$S╩ⁿ"``~~ l$$l $l ~`ⁿ╩Sl _,d$$$$yyy ll havens.synchro.net ll$$P╩╩$$$░▒$ Micronet Retronet Usenet port 23 ssh 2222 ll$$▓$ Retronet Fidonet Vkradionet ```ⁿ┴╩ havens.synchro.net:23 http://havens.synchro.net... Chicken Little was right.

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  • From ryan@21:1/168 to HusTler on Thu Oct 22 10:51:44 2020
    On 22 Oct 2020, HusTler said the following...

    H A V E N S B B S

    Eh, I could be wrong, but I don't think this is the appropriate sub for BBS
    ad ansis.

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