• BBS SSH servers

    From ryan@21:1/168 to All on Thu Aug 6 23:53:14 2020
    Hey everyone,

    I'm curious how the SSH implementations are on multiple BBS softwares. Obviously we are using cryptlib in most cases so I'd like to focus on that.

    Is it possible to use cryptlib as a TCP wrapper for my telnet daemon? Are
    there code samples out there to enable this? I'd really like to encrypt my
    BBS traffic but am not a fan of making people intentionally login as my BBS user. I'd rather not give out the password, for one thing :P

    I'm running Ubuntu 20.04 if it makes a difference. Something I could either throw in xinetd or daemonize as a systemd service would be ideal. Just something to answer incoming syncterm or netrunner "calls" so to speak, conforming to the SSH configurations therein.

    Also, I'd rather avoid doing anything hacky with the existing sshd...for security reasons. :P

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