• IBBS List Download MPS ported to WINServer :)

    From Robert Wolfe@21:2/136 to All on Sun Jun 7 13:31:16 2020
    Just wanted to let everyone know that I ported the Mystic IBBS telnet
    BBS listing download mod to WINServer this afternoon and it works like
    a charm!

    I uploaded a copy of it to Castle Rock this afternoon as well as on my
    BBS, Omicron Theta (telnet @ winserver.org). It is also running on my
    BBS as well, main menu command ! for those that want to give it a try

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    --- Wildcat! v10.0.454.10 (May 26 2020), Editor Mod v2.1
    * Origin: Lean Angle BBS * Southaven MS * winserver.org (21:2/136)