• Ginko on github

    From tenser@21:1/101 to All on Sun May 3 04:00:14 2020
    It's still not feature complete, but I've pushed the
    source code to my `ginko` binkp mailer to github:


    A short list of things that I need to add:

    1. TLS support (should be easy)
    2. Interlocking between polling threads and receiving threads
    ^This is a little harder
    3. Output worker pool -- this should be easy
    4. A polling scheduler -- this should also be easy
    5. Notifications for both scanning and poking -- kinda easy

    That's basically it. I meant to do most of this stuff
    a few weeks ago, but haven't really gotten around to it,
    mostly because I've been super busy since the pandemic

    One will note that this doesn't use the seemingly-standard
    "BSO" conventions for coordination with external software.
    That's by design; this is really pretty specialized to a
    very specific environment. It is designed to run as an "edge"
    service, talking to legacy BINKP implementations and hiding
    all of that from other software.

    Anyway, if anyone wants to see the code, have fun.

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