• TW2002 in QEMU working!!!

    From Analog@21:2/123 to All on Thu Nov 7 21:42:34 2019
    Well, after too many hours, I have TW2002 working in multinode as I wanted. It's wonderful. I can send messages across and see the players!!!

    TL;DR Created an NFS share in host, installed XFS for DOS in Guest to mount share. Pointed TW2002 to use its datafiles from the share.

    I had to learn how to network inside DOS. It's been 20 years since I messed with anything in this arena. Took some trial and errors a steep learning
    curve since it's not quite the same as it is today, nor as easy.

    1. Setup Host TAP driver (br0).
    2. Run QEMU with rtl8139 NIC and TAP network.
    3. Install rtl8139 DOS packet driver in guest.
    4. Install XFS and configure.
    5. Setup NFS on host, forcing v2.0 compatibility for DOS XFS.
    6. Run guest, mount host share on Z:\ in AUTOEXEC.BAT.
    7. Setup TW2002 to use Z:\ for data files.
    8. Run two instances of QEMU Dos with unique MAC and IP addresses.
    9. Run dual instances of TW2002 and enjoy the goodz!
    10. Profit...

    I'll do a write up on this when I get some time. It was a beast to get it
    this simple.

    Next steps is to configure my Bash script to spawn unique MSDOS instances per node. Easy...



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