• Hub 2 (Tholian) lock up and restore

    From Solaris@21:1/101 to All on Sat Oct 26 01:24:19 2019
    Well shit .....

    2 of my 4 windows 10 servers locked up, one being my Error 404 and Error 1202

    server annnddd the hub server , after calling my supporting wife who was more

    than happy to restart the servers ( ya know how much she loves our hobby )

    both servers started but the recovery script failed to load the hub mystic

    due to a .BSY lockup which the recovery script should have purged on restart

    but did not . so ill look into that tonight as im at work . sorry for the hot

    mess dumpster fire as I pride my self on the hubs uptime .

    Ok keep it sleezy and if you cant make it cheap .


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