From Apam@21:1/125 to All on Thu Jul 25 14:10:32 2019

    I noticed that syncterm.lst doesn't necissarily specify the port in the entry listing if it's default for the connection type, but it seems telnetbbsguide listing does (which is what I went off).

    So, if you're using a different syncterm.lst, it may come out as port 0. I need
    to fix that.

    Also, I've noticed that some of the SSH entries towards the end seem to be messed up, that seems to be a problem with the telnetbbsguide's exporter. I'll keep an eye on it and if next months is the same I'll let dave know.

    If anyone notices any other bugs (in this or anything else by me) let me know :)

    --- SBBSecho 3.07-FreeBSD
    * Origin: Nocturnal - nocturnal.hopto.org:2023 (21:1/125)