• MagiSlots 2

    From Apam@21:1/125 to All on Tue Jul 23 19:36:16 2019

    MagiSlots 2, a new improved game over MagiSlots is available for testing on Nocturnal.

    The game resets monthly, you have 35 turns a day and there is a jackpot you can
    win. I plan on making this one interbbs capable, but am testing the game first.

    I'm thinking it best to wait until the interbbs stuff is done before hatching it out, so please visit and test if you can :)

    telnet nocturnal.hopto.org 2023

    X -> 2 -> 13

    from the main menu :)

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    * Origin: Nocturnal - nocturnal.hopto.org:2023 (21:1/125)