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    Hello All,from what I discovered... there ar
    e some old writings on Z-MODEM.So far it's quite a diff task
    to decode it. But so far I foundthere are possibilities to
    still discover several links. I'm reallysorry to say. But th
    is file transfer standard is rather quit old.That mea
    ns ... for example it's difficult to retrieve the HyperTerminal
    example from Microsoft site. It's still doable. But only from archive.org.
    I really don't want to blame here anyone... just it was a really nice document.I'm glad I found it... thinking about extending my
    collection of olddocuments quite harder to obtain. What the
    y told You... the files arethere forever... don't trust them .https://web.archive.org/web/20110713195219/http://ms dn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms817878.aspxH
    ope the url will transfer correctly. There is something more on that topic.What's for example very interesting is this man: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9611000/understanding-the-zmodem- protocolTried to implement that. Generally what's rea
    lly left in the Z-MODEM usage isthe transfer of files via CO
    M1. There is somehow popular. Who know why?Probably for it's
    efficiency. Or who know why.At last, but not at leas
    t there something very nice. That's Z-MODEM'simplementation
    in C#. This is currently what am I reading... it's onthe bel
    ow site. And I'm quite sure it's somehow higher-level than most of th
    eothers. And from that point also better readable for the cu
    rrent languagesuser.https://github.com/datoml/ zmodem-dotnet-standard/blob/master/src/ZModem/ResponseHeader
    .csI hope You didn't get too bored. I just felt like s
    haring it.Best regards Shinobi <
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