• errors and how to fix?

    From Tommi Koivula@2:221/6.600 to Carlos Navarro on Fri Jan 27 10:48:03 2023
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    Hi Carlos.

    Is sqpack no longer maintained?

    I think it is but nobody seems to be interested in fixing the renumbering issue. :(

    something about the Squish format itself?

    Nope, Fastecho for example can purge and pack without renumbering.
    Both JAM and Squish.

    Ok. I suppose you don't know of any other (standalone) tool that purges Squish bases...

    I believe not. :(

    (Just curious - I currently use JAM and FMail so I don't need it.)

    'ftools maint -D' seems to renumber JAM base here. How do you purge messages in JAM without renumbering?


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