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    From Wilfred van Velzen@2:280/464.112 to Nicholas Boel on Wed Aug 9 09:00:47 2017
    Hi Nicholas,

    On 08 Aug 17 16:40, Nicholas Boel wrote to Wilfred van Velzen:
    about: "Also..":

    Read the doc! ;) Some commands need extra parameters.

    Pshaw. I'm a sysop, I don't read docs! ;)

    Well reading it front to back is optional. ;)
    But using it as a reference for specific options, is good practice! ;)

    I have the same commands for my dos/windows and linux environment in
    my config. As long as the commands are in your [%$]PATH on both sides
    it should work.

    Looks like in your case you don't change things to lowercase on your Linux machine. I'd rather do that, hence the -L parameter.

    FMail handles filenames in any case, so I don't worry about it.

    Also, -qq on Linux runs even quieter than just -q.

    I like to have some output in my debug log of what the decompressor is doing...

    This is what I have in my config:

    Zip is all I need. The other two are completely pointless for mail these days.

    Not for me. Lha is still used in AmigaNet as the default. And I use rar to compress for my point system because it's better at compressing (specially multiple files). And I sometimes don't get the mail for my point for weeks...

    I'm not even going to use ZIP unless someone actually wants to change their default setting of NONE.

    Same here...


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  • From Wilfred van Velzen@2:280/464.112 to Nicholas Boel on Wed Aug 9 08:39:22 2017
    Hi Nicholas,

    On 08 Aug 17 17:29, Nicholas Boel wrote to Nicholas Boel:
    about: "Also..":

    That said, in both the Area manager and Node manager, it's not
    like my F-keys are working. Is there something I'm missing here?

    Disregard. Bottom right of the screen it shows "Ins Del" and I mistook that for Insert means to delete the entry. Gotta add one entry before you can use any of the F-keys. ;)



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