• GUITAR Echo Rules

    From Moderator@1:3634/12 to All on Wed May 1 00:00:14 2013

    Conference rules for the GUITAR echo: rev. 25 Feb 13
    Posting Frequency: 1st of the month.

    By posting in this echomail conference you indicate that you have read
    and will comply with these rules and guidelines. Sysops should use
    whatever means are available via their bbs package of choice to make
    these rules available to users when first entering the conference.

    This fidonet echomail conference is intended for discussion of topics
    relevant to playing the guitar or the bass.

    Although this is an international conference we ask that you post in
    English only please.

    All posters must use their real name. IF your real name does not appear
    in the from field then it should appear in the signature of the message.

    Signatures are limited to no more than four (4) lines... Do you really
    need to put all that in your sig to start with?? ;)

    If for personal or professional reasons you would wish to post here
    using other than your real name, please netmail the moderator at the
    above shown fidonet address. Performers and entertainers often
    would prefer to perform under a stage name, or would prefer to enjoy a
    forum such as this one without being plagued by the problems that might
    result. IF you would wish to participate in this echo using other
    than your real name please netmail an explanation of your reasoning.
    Reasonable requests to waive the real name requirement will be granted.
    IF such a request is granted the privacy of the requesting party
    will be protected by the moderator(s) of this echomail conference.

    Please conduct yourself in this echo as a rational thinking adult.

    The moderator(s) prefer to handle moderation issues via private mail
    wherever possible. Sysops who do not offer users netmail are asked to
    convey any communication addressed to a user and sent by netmail to that

    Musicians are a gregarious bunch, and topics can drift from the stated
    subject quite easily, so I've noted over the years while participating in
    many forums for musicians and support personnel. Your moderator will
    interpret these rules quite loosely so as to make this echo fun and
    beneficial to participants. However, flaming and personal attacks will *not*
    be tolerated.

    Please do not gate this echo outside of fidonet without asking permission of the moderator(s) and conference participants. Gating requests may be granted
    if the gate works reliably in both directions for both echomail traffic
    as well as private netmail communications.

    As is customary with fidonet echomail conferences we discourage multiple
    line signatures and high bit ascii except where allowed by conventions such
    as the header of the message to convey proper names of individuals, etc.
    So, come on in, pull up a chair and enjoy discussing that musical instrument that has brought so much joy to your life.

    What you don't use you may lose! Tell your fellow guitar and bass guitar enthusiasts about this echomail conference. This moderator considers himself the custodian of this echomail conference. One of the duties of such a custodian is, of course, keeping the echo compliant with requirements for backbone carriage. The echo actually belongs to its participants. Therefore,
    if the echo moderator can no longer serve as moderator/custodian, all
    necessary information and materials will be turned over to a new moderator chosen by the echo's participants, or an individual who has expressed an interest in serving as moderator. A vote of echo users will always be
    preferred should the moderator choose not to continue however.

    This echomail conference was created in 1992. The fidonet guitar echo has
    been carried on the z1 backbone for over a decade, and once was a very
    popular echomail conference. Help us keep it on the fidonet backbones by participating and telling your fellow guitar and bass enthusiasts about it.

    Thanks for participating in the guitar echo.

    Richard Webb: Moderator Emeritus
    Gary Gilmore: Moderator Emeritus
    Mark Lewis : Moderator

    * Origin: (1:3634/12)