• From Bill Burton@1:3634/15 to all on Mon Jan 7 21:22:48 2013
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    Hello all!

    NEED Help fron a couple of volunteers!

    I am trying to test my modem setup so I can report the results in the COMM Echo as I promised a few weeks ago.

    I have a unique setup, it is a magicjack attached to a switch port on my network, a USR Sportster 28800 hooked to it and to com 1 on a ubuntu box. I am running a WINXP VM on the ubuntu box and Have D'Bridge in a DOS box doing the sending and receiving.

    I have been testing it with Mark Lewis. As of this afternoon after writing a Modem Control file for DB and opening up the com ports to 115200 I was able to get a 19200 connect. FYI here are two log excerpts from this afternoon.

    01/07/2013 13:37 Calling 1:3634/0 at 33600 baud
    01/07/2013 13:38 Modem reports "NO CARRIER"
    01/07/2013 13:38 Calling 1:3634/0 at 33600 baud
    01/07/2013 13:39 Modem reports "CONNECT 19200/ARQ/V34/LAPM"
    01/07/2013 13:39 EMSI: 1:3634/12@fidonet, FrontDoor 2.33.mL.b2
    01/07/2013 13:39 Z32-S: 11339471.PKT, 453b, 00:02
    01/07/2013 13:39 Z32-S: 453b, 00:00
    01/07/2013 13:39 Successful, 00:10, a "free" call
    01/07/2013 13:39 Marking/Deleting mail

    01/07/2013 13:48 1:275/100 placed on temporary hold
    01/07/2013 13:48 Limits reset for 1:3634/12
    01/07/2013 13:48 BinkD transaction for 1:3634/12
    01/07/2013 13:48 Marking/Deleting mail
    01/07/2013 14:00 Limits reset for 1:275/100
    01/07/2013 14:00 Calling 1:275/100 at 33600 baud
    01/07/2013 14:00 Modem reports "BUSY"

    I still need some folks to dial
    in to check out the inbound connect rates.

    Any help you can give would be much appreciated. My POTS number is not in the nodelist but I plan on having one in there soon. My current POTS number is listed below and accessible 24/7. I can also accept crash mail at my INA listing.

    Please send me a netmail if you would like to assist.

    Thanks in advance.


    Internet: wabusa.com Telnet: bbs.wabusa.com Fidonet POTS: 330-548-2566
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    * Origin: INA:fidonet.wabusa.com, IBN (1:3634/15)