• Try somehing out.

    From Gert Andersen@2:230/150 to Janis Kracht on Thu Nov 17 17:56:34 2011
    Hello Janis!

    Try something out in a little test by internet.
    This links here for some try out.

    http://www.pascalnet.org and then directly http://pascalnet.org they look best in a Windows alike browser.

    A extra thing there now is manage is that all information packs for main of Sysops Technet, Pascal-Net and Linuxnet now is been updated weekly but not hatched out weekly, they is now to could getting weekly updated weekly and can gets by the web link directly each Saturday after the fridays nodelist have been made.

    Pascal = http://pascalnet.org/pasinfo.zip abd when the new pascal-net web is finished too from www.pascalnet.org web.
    STN as http://www.sysoptech.net or http://sysopstech.net/stninfo.zip sae for the full info pack

    Linux = http://www.linuxnet.name/lin_info.zip and by using http://linuxnet.name/

    There is no ftp for this other than it goes to be normal ftp and this is not a updated info packs other than the monthly made.

    Take care,

    - Get the best with linux -

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