• Pascal-Net FDN

    From Gert Andersen@2:230/150.150 to Janis Kracht on Fri Oct 14 23:14:14 2011
    Hello Janis!

    Here is the Pascal-Net FDN file liek your own filegate.zxx it could be called and named pascalnt.zxx self there is a pascalnt.zxx file in the info pack with this name, but it is not alike your filegate file.
    This one is named pascalnt.fa and is made liek your make the file FDNs.

    File PASINFO.ZIP belongs to and been send out by File Echo PASINFO.

    === Cut ===
    % FDN: Pascal-Net International
    % HeadQuarters: Gert Andersen, 2:236/150
    % Info File: PASINFOx.ZIP
    % SysOp Conference: PAS.ADMIN PAS.SYSOP
    % On Planet Connect: Yes
    % On IFDC FileGate(sm): Yes
    % Last Updated: 01/10/2011
    PASADMIT %*[PAS] ADMIT files for Pascal-Net (PDN)
    PASCLNET ! [PAS] Pascal-Net related files and tools
    PASCOMMS ! [PAS] Communication & networks PASDELPH ! [PAS] Delphi related sources & tools PASFILES ! [PAS] Ungrouped files and programs PASGRAPH ! [PAS] Graphical orientated files PASINFO ! [PAS] Pascal-Net Info files
    PASNDIFF ! [PAS] Pascal-Net DIFF-files
    PASNLIST ! [PAS] Pascal-Net Nodelists
    PASOOP ! [PAS] Object orientated programming PASOS2 ! [PAS] OS/2 related files
    PASPATCH ! [PAS] Updates and patches for the Pascal
    PASPOINT ! [PAS] Pascal-Net Pointlist
    PASPSEGS ! [PAS] Pascal-Net Pointlist Segments PASSWAG ! [PAS] SWAG (-related) program/files PASTEXT ! [PAS] Pascal-related textfiles PASTOOLS ! [PAS] Tool(boxes) and Utilities PASTVIS ! [PAS] Turbo Vision related files PASWIN ! [PAS] Windows related files
    PASUPD & [PAS] Nodelist updates
    PASINFO ! [PAS] Pascal-Net Info, .nf & .na files.
    PASTESTING &! [PAS] Let other nodes Test your programs here
    PASFREE ! [PAS] Progams and files from FREEPASCAL
    PAS_MFE ! [PAS] MFE Pascal Utilities
    === Cut ===

    Take care
    Gert Andersen

    --- GoldED+/W32-MINGW 1.1.5-b20110223
    * Origin: Kofo Moving Point system >> (2:230/150.150)