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    From Gert Andersen@2:230/150.150 to Janis Kracht on Tue Jun 7 23:35:52 2011
    Hello Janis Kracht!

    The error on my my old router was just a ram block there was bad, this could i self have fixed by shift it out with a new and better ram on 1GB fform 512Mb, but it could be difficult when te pc not like to read bios fine.
    I will get the computer home sometime to morrow wednes should i think and then now with new motherboard, new better cpu and more ram on it, as a upgraded pc. My newst laptop by 64bit and with windows 7 64-bit on it is too on way to service by its battery in the last week not has been right powered up by the power cable, more like unpowered so it now goes to service at HP computing.

    Here by by thursday is it possible tha me internet line is out of work and not in work why it should by the 9. June be upgraded and a new special hardware of a HomeBox shall be setup and connect, it have a internet router in it and workd
    as both adapter and router self with a line as my, that will I hear my isp aboub there by Wednesday, but if it is the right one for my line shoudl it could work for my and save me for my own linux router(s) not liek to work.

    Take care
    Gert Andersen

    --- GoldED+/W32-MINGW 1.1.5-b20110223
    * Origin: Kofo Moving Point system >> (2:230/150.150)