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    From Janis Kracht@1:261/38 to All on Tue Oct 14 16:36:34 2008
    Well, that was a thrilling day yesterday...

    Somehow our access was disconnected at our provider yesterday, and when I finally got them on the phone, they essentially told me, "oops, error here..we'll get you reconnected by Thurs. or Friday"

    After I told them forget it.. I'll switch to Cable they were _suddenly_ able to
    get us reconnected this afternoon .. what a company :(

    I'm talking with the Cable company tomorrow to discuss using their hosting services.. if it's reasonable to access my system on their site, I may go that route..

    Thanks to all who posted messages around for me.. And thanks to Richard Webb who was ready to dial up my modem to enable me to send/receive netmail and echomail :)

    If anyone is having problems connecting to filegate.net, you can use the ip address which has changed:

    Take care,

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