• Addendum: Latest release of D'Bridge Mailer

    From Janis Kracht@1:261/38 to All on Mon May 29 10:05:22 2017
    Hi All,

    For those running linux systems, you can use the sigtool command to verify whether there are any infected files:

    This page:
    describes how to use sigtool once you know the virus code to look for (clamscan
    displays the virus as Win.Virus.Virut-5914242-0) to see if you've gotten a false positive.

    Here's the command I used with sigtool:

    sigtool --find-sigs=Sanesecurity.Win.Virus.Virut-5914242-0 | sigtool --decode

    If sigtool finds infected files, sigtool will display the virus info. No response means all is well <g>.

    Take care,

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