• Game files

    From Gert Andersen@2:230/150 to Janis Kracht on Fri Apr 18 15:57:42 2014
    Hello Janis!

    I have send 2 lnx4games files out today and they could look like the same of the game file.
    dmd1150L.zip and dde1150L.zip the reason is that I deside to that it is complete versions and build versions.
    dmdxxxxL is the complete verson of doomsday and ddexxxxL.zip is the doomsday engine build xxxx file.
    This will be a dde1150W and dde1150M file for windows and MAC .
    This is shortly in your inbound.

    the linux dde150L is replace dmd1150L and dmd1140L is not been to replace with new version yet.

    Take care,

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