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    Trade Wars Services for TW2002 v3...


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    Trade Wars Services for TW2002 v3...


    2002v305.zip 991212 872k 0 Trade Wars 2002 is one of the most popular
    BBS board games of all times! The new version
    3.05 brings multiplayer combat and
    interaction to the DOS or Windows based BBS!
    This version has a completely new file access
    system to prevent multiplayer problems and
    increase the speed of the game. Version 3.05
    now costs twenty five dollars to register and
    is a FREE upgrade to any sysop that
    registered TW2002 in the past. This archive
    contains version 3.05 and was released on
    November 9th, 1997.

    File Request at filegate.net via binkp

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