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    PHONGARD.EXE 1,396,997 07-14-98 01:01:00
    QuickStar Phone Guard for Windows3.1 7/14/98
    This is a compact size Windows program which
    acts like a smart automatic telephone answer
    machine. It will prompt the caller to leave
    voice messages, and then it will dial out to
    reach the master and play the voice messages
    upon security clearance. The user can change
    almost every settings, including the forward
    phone number and the password, from a remote
    locate, and check messages, by dialing in.
    Latest version available http://www.qfax.com

    PTERM16.EXE 1,319,027 01-02-99 03:13:50
    PowerTerm is the very powerful MS Windows PC terminal emulator
    for Unix, VMS, and IBM 3270/5250 users. More product information
    is available at http://ericom.com. NOTE: This DEMO version is
    full-function, but it times out one month after you install it
    on your machine. It is protected in a way that you cannot
    re-install the DEMO onto the same machine.
    This is the 16-bit version for Windows 3.1

    WFTPD202.ZIP 181,531 08-13-95 10:35:00
    (v2.02) WFTPD - Winsock FTP Server.
    Allows you to administer an FTP site from
    your own Windows machine. Easy to use and
    configure, and notoriously stable. Costs
    only $15 to register the 16-bit version,
    $20 for the 32-bit version ($5 extra for
    disk shipment as opposed to ftp/email
    Author: Alun Jones, Texas Imperial Software

    WIMA1630.ZIP 170,561 05-21-99 01:26:02
    This .ZIP:Win16 english version for Win 3.1x
    ->Open CDROM ISO image file in read only!<-
    New : compress image file (ZIP compatible),
    comment in image, drag file to explorer.
    Make disk image from floppy, extract file from
    image, make an empty image, inject file on it
    and put the image on blank disk. TRUE WINDOWS
    APP (modern intrface).Change image format,dfrg
    delete file on image. POWERFUL BATCH ASSISTANT
    CAN READ/WRITE/FORMAT DMF. Diskcopy Macintosh
    floppy. Also exist for Win32 (WINIMA30.ZIP)
    Translation file for foreig langage also exist

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