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    │ most practical and useful program in the │
    │ world, it was just an experiment that got │
    │ a little carried away...Totally Freeware! │

    Area : Educational (All Ages)

    SCI_PROJ.EXE 344,866 11-02-99 02:03:04
    Science Projects (Volume 1) Shareware: Information on how to
    build a CO2 Laser, Meyer's Apparatus, Solar Power, and
    Registered Version contains a Van de Graaff Generator, Winshurst
    Machine, Tesla Coil, Steam Engine, Solar Furnance, and other
    for Kids and Advanced Students. Requires 386 Processor, Windows
    256 colors and VBRUN300.DLL (available from Simtel.Net as
    E-Mail: husakca@tisd.net

    Area : Diags, Debug, CMOS, BIOS, etc.

    AMIUTILS.ZIP 747,102 04-08-98 10:03:50
    Utils for machines with AMI Bios. AMIDiag V4 an sysinfo (DOS

    Area : Anti-Virus / Security

    AAV11.ZIP 1,235,335 11-09-04 08:49:12
    Abacre Antivirus 1.1 for
    For Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003
    Abacre Antivirus is new generation
    of antivirus software. It reliably
    protects computers from internet
    viruses worms and Trojans, macro
    viruses and old executable viruses.
    ItÆs reliable, stable, fast, low
    CPU load, and it has reasonable
    price. www.abacre.com

    BOOTSCAN.ZIP 127,955 11-16-99 05:08:24
    McAfee BootScan v1.0.0 (c) 1998 by Network Associates, Inc.
    BootScan is a component of GUI-based Network Associates
    anti-virus products. It can be used in place of Scan or
    ScanPM for boot-time scanning situations, such as from
    the Emergency Disk or when called from AUTOEXEC.BAT (uses
    the same .DAT files). Scans only executable files and Boot
    Sectors, not documents. It does not support file validation
    and does not look for macro viruses.
    http://www.nai.com http://beta.nai.com

    F-MACROW.ZIP 582,825 01-18-01 15:58:30
    Windows 32-bit F-Stop (Macro Anti-Virus add-on) from complex.is

    FP-307.ZIP 2,448,781 03-17-00 09:48:26
    F-PROT Anti-Virus v3.07 as of February 29th 2000. Contains a
    Scanner combined with a DisInfection program, as well as a
    Resident Monitoring program for intercepting known viruses.
    This program is Free of charge for Private Use. DOS version
    plus Wins Macro Scanner & Wins Resident VXD for Win95/98.
    Many New Virii and Trojans added, total over 45,200. See
    file 307.NEW for a list of changes and enhancements.

    FP3UTILS.ZIP 386,137 10-24-99 19:52:32
    FP3Utils is a collection of Anti-Virus utilities from the
    F-Prot site (ftp.datafellows.com) to complement F-Prot v3.
    Some are Dis-infectors, others are special for Script AV
    scanning and automated Macro updates, etc. All FREEware.

    FSMACRO.ZIP 227,014 02-20-03 15:30:00
    Latest Update to Macro Definitions (FSMACRO.DEF)

    MACFIX13.ZIP 99,226 10-23-99 13:06:10
    Free DocFix v1.3 for MS Word 6/7 Macros from McAfee contains
    Macros to repair possible consequences from a Macro Virus

    MACRO.DEF 474,090 02-17-03 07:30:00
    Latest Update for DOS Macros (MACRO.DEF)

    NOMACRO.DEF 15,505 05-11-04 09:29:00
    F-Prot Floppy Diskette Boot file (Rename to MACRO.DEF on A: only!)

    SBABR312.ZIP 547,919 11-07-99 23:02:46
    SBABR 3.12 <ASP> System Boot Areas Antivirus & Crash Recovery
    Antivirus and crash protection for DOS and Windows 3.1/95/98
    machines. System areas manager Floppy and HD Boot Sector, MBR,
    CMOS Track Zero back up and restore. Boot Sector and MBR Virus
    Remover. Track Zero check, MBR search and clean up, Memory
    check, CMOS, MBR and Boot Sector Check, Boot Loader
    viewer/editor and more. http://www.nikosystems.com

    Area : Graphics {Pictures}

    SOLOTR~1.JPG 15,845 02-26-00 01:16:48
    Advanced one-man Flying machine prototype

    Area : Word Processing & Editors

    AUROR30C.EXE 684,960 11-05-96 03:00:00
    AURORA v3.0c - One of the finest text editors
    available. Blazing speed, superb interface,
    Huge capacity to 1 Gigabyte, 16k line length.
    Syntax highlighting for over 20 languages.
    Easy-to-use colorized Macro language with
    more than 15000 lines of macros, integrated
    File manager, Directory tree, Live wordwrap,
    Undo-redo, Hex mode, Win95 long names, Folds,
    Multi-file search/replace, real tabs, popular
    Emulation styles, extremely Configurable!
    (Also get AUR8630C.EXE for 8086/80286 Systems)

    AURORA11.EXE 420,399 10-06-93 01:10:00
    The Aurora Editor v1.1 is a beautiful new
    high performance text editor with a superb
    windowing environment, full mouse support, a
    huge 1 Gigabyte paged virtual memory using
    XMS/EMS/disk, object oriented macro language,
    multi instance programmable file manager,
    unlimited undo/redo, a 386 version, user
    definable menus, keyboard, and toolbar, text
    folding, binary edit, 16K max line length,
    shrinks to 1.2k, file scan, bookmarks, more!
    (Contains 8086 AND 386 versions, No limits)

    PCW415.ZIP 1,748,161 07-15-97 15:53:30
    PC-Write 4.15 great WP, (c)Starlite Software
    Docs,support,thesaurus $69, WizKit+$30, +ship
    Full-featured, adaptable, easy menus, fast!
    main disk: edit,install,customize,merge
    Easy: pull-down menus, help in context, mouse
    support, button bar, hint lines, tutorial.
    Power: speller, mail merge, windows, columns,
    layout, graphics, index, endnotes, more.
    Adaptable: feature levels, key/button macros,
    200+ options on menus; have it your way!

    PEDIT400.ZIP 337,585 02-17-03 15:59:52
    PEDIT 4.00 - short for Program Editor,
    is similar to the DOS EDIT program, but
    more powerful, and with many additional
    features for programmers. It includes
    pop-up tables, column support, macro
    key, undo, copy & paste to other Windows
    applications, long filenames, word wrap,
    spell checker, thesaurus, HTML support,
    and much more. Freeware.
    (C)1995-1999 by Goldshell Digital Media.

    QEDIT4.ZIP 200,896 10-25-95 04:00:00
    TSE JR v4 (formerly QEdit) <ASP> - Blazingly
    fast, multi-file, multi-window, compact DOS
    text editor, both powerful and EASY to use.
    Includes macros; column blocks; variable,
    smart, and fixed tab support; basic word-
    processing features. Configurable, including
    keyboard, colors, and initial settings. Data
    Based Advisor Readers Choice as Best Program/
    Text Editor. Over 130,000 licensed users in
    95+ countries prefer TSE!

    THE31DJG.ZIP 563,948 03-02-03 22:18:24
    THE - The Hessling Editor
    Version 3.1 DOS-386 (DPMI) THE31DJG.ZIP
    Text editor based on VM/CMS XEDIT and best
    features of Kedit. DOS extended version,
    runs on any 386 processor and above using
    Includes full built-in Rexx macro support
    using Regina.
    Ports also available for OS/2, Unix, X11
    and Win32.
    Freeware. Source available under GNU
    General License in file THESRC31.ZIP

    VDE193D.ZIP 179,271 12-09-02 21:57:54
    VDE 1.93D is a small, fast, powerful DOS
    text editor with many unusual word processing
    features. Multiple files, dual windows; auto
    format; macros; menus or WordStar commands; many
    file formats; Windows compatibility; extensive
    customization; and much more. Ideal editor to
    shell from applications, for email and other
    simple writing tasks, or for use on portable,
    even palmtop, computers. Freeware.

    VDE194A.ZIP 164,335 10-08-06 07:58:58
    VDE.EXE v1.94A (90k) 27-Mar-06 [DOS/Windows]
    *free* DOS Text Editor, with Word-processing
    features; Menus & WordStar-key commands; DOS
    shell; Multiple files; Dual windows; Macro
    recorder/playback; Definable function keys;
    Access to Windows clipboard; Auto format;
    Extensive customization; many file formats;
    Block (including Column) manipulations; and
    more. VDE edits files of up to 70-80k as a
    single unit. Larger files are automatically
    broken up into smaller segments accessed by
    Alt-N/Alt-B (for Next/Previous segment).
    Multiple (smaller) files are accessed by the
    same commands. By Eric Meyer. For support
    utils (eg *free* "VDE Macro Compiler") visit

    Area : IBM OS/2 Warp

    THE31OS2.ZIP 406,722 03-02-03 22:18:48
    THE - The Hessling Editor
    Version 3.1 OS/2 2.0+ THE31OS2.ZIP
    Text editor based on VM/CMS XEDIT and best
    features of Kedit. OS/2 VIO version, runs
    on OS/2 2.0+.
    Includes full Rexx macro support using
    Rexx .
    Ports also available for DOS, Unix, X11
    and Win32.
    Requires EMX 0.9d (or greater) runtime.
    (In exmrt.zip)
    Freeware. Source available under GNU
    General License in file THESRC31.ZIP

    THEFW27A.ZIP 342,534 03-03-03 19:14:32
    FW-Macro package for The Hessling Editor
    (THE) and REXX on OS/2 (maybe DOS, too).
    /THE/ (see contrib sub-dir)

    Area : Windows 3.x {16-bit}

    MDISK42.ZIP 252,713 09-17-02 23:29:06
    MAXIDisk The Original Floppy Disk Expander
    version 4.20 - MAXIDisk will format 360k
    disks to 420k, 720k to 800k, 1.2 meg to 1.4
    meg and 1.44 meg to 1.6 meg or 1.7 meg, 2.88
    meg to 3.2. MAXI is also a full featured
    disk copier. Also supports Macintosh disks.
    For use with Windows 3.x or later.
    ASP shareware from Herne Data Systems Ltd.

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