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    Lone Wolf Software. $20 registration.

    SD-500.EXE 205,819 04-17-99 11:26:34
    StupenDOS Ver 5.0 By Eclipse Technologies, Inc.

    The only DOS Shell you'll ever need !

    StupenDOS makes you more productive by speeding
    up your every day disk operations. Designed to
    help computer novices, but packed with powerful
    features that experienced computer users will
    love. To use StupenDOS, you just select a file
    or a group of files by 'tagging' them. Then
    select the desired option from one of the
    pulldown menus. It's that easy!

    * One of PC WORLD's favorite utilities under $50

    SSHOT130.EXE 70,338 06-09-96 01:30:00
    SnapShot v1.30: A Software Installation Aid.
    This program takes a snapshot of all the
    files and directories on your hard disk(s).
    It is designed to be run before installing a
    new software package and again after the
    package has been installed. The second time
    the program is run it will produce a text
    file detailing the files and directories
    that have been added, changed or deleted
    which can then be stored as a record of the
    installation. <ASP>

    SSUTILS.ZIP 120,123 12-07-03 17:42:50
    SAMSUNG Hard Disk Drive Utilities: SHDiag
    (Diagnostics) & SUtil (Erase options, UDMA
    Mode selection, etc.).

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