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    This is a message from:

    System: Circle Of Protection BBS SysOp : Torbjorn Mohn
    Phone: (+47) 55 96 12 59 Modem 1 : USR SPORTSTER FLASH V.90
    Modem 2 : Microcom 33.6 V.34+
    ISDN : 1x ZyXel omni.net x.75 V.42b Telnet: copbbs.dyndns.org ADSL : 2M/640Kbit
    Fidonet: 2:211/37 BBS system: BBBS/NT v4.01 FLAG-4
    RC/REC region 21

    Following files were found. Call one of our 10 nodes; open 24/7 ! Now also telnet'able via Internet !

    Directory: /text/faq/*

    File name Date kB Dlds File description
    --------- ---- -- ---- ----------------
    dctfq115.zip 960207 22k 4 Version 1.15 of the Official Descent FAQ.
    Contains a great deal of useful information for
    the great game Descent, from Parallax Software
    and Interplay. Accurate as of 3/24/95. Has
    cheat codes, secrets, game playing tips,
    trouble shooting tips and much more. A must
    have for any Descenter. Happy Descenting!

    Directory: /bbs/doors/misc/*

    File name Date kB Dlds File description
    --------- ---- -- ---- ----------------
    dctbl005.zip 970112 150k 3 DCTList v0.05 Deluxe BBS listing door for any
    BBS which creates a DOOR.SYS or DORINFOx.DEF
    drop file. Completely lightbar driven and
    contains all the modern features that a
    lister should have. Allows the user to
    download the BBS list in 5 different formats
    using one of up to nine SysOp configurable
    external protocols. Users may also upload &
    view ANSI BBS ads as well as search the list
    using various methods. Includes an add-on
    utility to generate alternating
    GOODBYE.ANS/ASC files. NEW! Language support
    & a SysOp configurable user interface!
    dctvd030.zip 960903 110k 3 DCT Voting Door v0.30 * Deluxe voting door for
    any BBS which supports the DORINFO1.DEF or
    DOOR.SYS dropfile. Features include: Optional
    user censoring, auto-deletion of old booths,
    problem users can be locked out, the lightbar
    selector, amazingly FAST & EASY setup, bar
    graphs/percentages when displaying results,
    AutoVote, multi-tasker capability, language
    support, plus much more! FreeWare by Dan

    Total 3 files, 282 kB, 10 downloads, 1 minutes.

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    * Origin: Circle Of Protection (2:211/37)
  • From BRoboCop 1:342/5@1:342/5 to Albano De Manuel on Wed Oct 10 17:32:18 2007
    This is an automated response from The Power Station BBS, FidoNet 1:342/5. Files are available via dial-up (1-780-963-1859), telnet (powerstationbbs.ca), or anonymous ftp (ftp.powerstationbbs.ca). We carry the full FileGate distribution, as well as many other FDNs. Always available. No fees.

    The following files were found:

    Directory: /pub/filegate/ads/adsdbase/*

    File name Date kB Dlds File description
    --------- ---- -- ---- ----------------
    prdctnds.lha 010104 559k 0 Production-Designers.list 29.12.2000

    Directory: /pub/filegate/fs/fs_aircr/*

    File name Date kB Dlds File description
    --------- ---- -- ---- ----------------
    f4fdctf3.zip 011028 2953k 0 FS2000 Tongass Air Freight Douglas DC-3. DC-3C
    freighter version N62MA of Tongass Air Freight
    the cargo division of Nightwolf Air Service.
    Features full interior moving parts and night
    lighting. Panel and sound files not included.
    Repainted by Chip Jones with the assistance of
    Fred Choate from Jan Visser s original TDM DC3
    Freighter model. Visser s original TDM DC3
    Freighter model.
    f90dctc4.zip 021031 1788k 0 FS2002 TACA DOUGLAS DC-4 registration YS-03C.
    From 1947 until the seventies TACA used 7 DC-4
    s. In the fifties they were used from San
    Salvador to Bilbao Mexico City Havana and New
    Orleans. The FSDS model features animated door
    moving landing gear wi
    f9bdctb4.zip 030614 3475k 0 FS2002 BUFFALO AIRWAYS DOUGLAS DC-4 TANKER
    registration C-FIQM. Buffalo Airways was formed
    in 1968. In keeping with there fleet of heavy
    piston-engine transports Buffalo has kept the
    four company-owned DC-4s working in various
    roles. Two of these air
    fd9dctw3.zip 020130 2364k 0 For FS2000. TWA Douglas DC-3-G202A based on
    original photographs and other sources included
    in the download. NC1945 cn 3294 at the Airline
    History Museum Kansas City MO. Aircraft skin
    made to look old and weathered. This aircraft
    will fly in FS2002 using FSEDIT program in
    FS2002. Features 36 sided fuselage and engine
    nacelles 24 sided airfoil wing and horizontal
    stabalizer profiles. A complete 3d model.
    Animated control surfaces props landing gear
    and rolling wheels. Night textures and cockpit
    with crew. Very easy to fly as well as stable.
    Original Aircraft by Lou Volland repaint by Bob
    Bongiovanni. repaint by Bob Bongiovanni.
    fdctr425.zip 030802 3485k 0 FS2002 ATR42-500 OMAN AIR Package A repaint in
    Oman Air s colors which has two ATR 42-500 .
    They carry 42 passengers and are operated by a
    crew of two with two flight attendants. ATR
    42-500 joined Oman Air s fleet in 1999.
    Original aircraft: Alberto
    fe8dct95.zip 030331 734k 0 Project Freeware McDonnell Douglas DC-9-50
    Ephesus VA Pax Special Livery The Bond This
    aircraft is named after Tania Davis violist of
    the famous quartet BOND. Happy landings Arslan
    vaccaro T reg n arslan @ @ fsturk.net
    http://www.fsturk.net - http://www.
    fedctdm3.zip 010701 3488k 0 FS2000 Douglas DC-3 Freighter TDM.Based on the
    FS2K Douglas R4D-6 NATS v4.0 model. Features
    combined photorealistic/handdrawn textures open
    pax/cargo doors cargo chocks locks RBF flags
    full moving parts cockpit and cabin
    nightlighting.Uses the R4D panel by Bill Rambow
    and Roy Chaffin not included in this package
    .By Jan Visser. package .By Jan Visser.
    ff7dctg9.zip 021117 2620k 0 ITAVIA DC9-15 I-TIGI flight IH870 Shot down in
    the middle of the mediterranean sea on june
    1980. Model is not included you need
    dc9_ib3.zip to get this aircraft to work. Based
    the Iberia DC9-32 by Manolo Machuca Medina
    features: full moving parts nig

    Directory: /pub/filegate/fs/fs_cfs/*

    File name Date kB Dlds File description
    --------- ---- -- ---- ----------------
    fadmdcts.zip 010805 750k 0 CFS2 Consolidated PBY-5A (MAD CAT) One of the
    MADcats of Morroco. One of the earliest
    applications of Magnetic Anomaly Detection was
    with the PBYs of VP-63. Model now has 512x512
    textures, aircraft is a true amphibian in CFS2.
    Requires spitfire weapons pack by CryingToto
    and Martin Wright for greater realism. By Harry
    Follas and Brian Horsey

    Directory: /pub/filegate/fs/fs_graph/*

    File name Date kB Dlds File description
    --------- ---- -- ---- ----------------
    f4bdctz4.zip 030311 883k 0 FS2002 CATHAY DOUGLAS DC-4 Textures only
    Registration VR-HFF Cathay Pacific Airways
    founded in 1946 had altogether two DC-4s in
    use. This is a repaint of Arik Hohmeyer s DC-4
    FS-Design Berlin by Dale DeLuca. Requires
    dc4aoa2.zip or another base DC-4
    fcdctl54.zip 020520 1195k 0 FS2002 Transoecean Air Lines DOUGLAS C-54 D,
    registration N79992. The C-54 was the workhorse
    of the Berlin Airlift 1948-49. More t of the
    U.S. Forces came here to use. Also some
    commercial U.S. a used the C-54 for airlift
    flights such as Transocean Air Lines. carrier
    Transocean Air Lines made 50 airlift flights
    with the C- Texture and Data Package with
    install program, FSDS design & textures by Arik
    Hohmeyer (FS-Design Berlin). Requires

    Directory: /pub/filegate/fs/fs_misc/*

    File name Date kB Dlds File description
    --------- ---- -- ---- ----------------
    f25dctz9.zip 030313 1837k 0 Aero Trasporti Italiani DC9-30 The airplane is
    painted with the livery used during the late
    70s. Must be used with Flight1 Iron Knuckles
    DC9. Davide Marras Davide Marras
    fd9dctc8.zip 030617 2666k 0 Repaint in Air Afrique livery of the DC8-55F by
    Historic Jetliners Group. By Gilles Mercier -
    www.fsfrance.com Repaint in Air Afrique livery
    of the DC8-55F by Historic Jetliners Group. By
    Gilles Mercier - www.fsfrance.com

    Directory: /pub/filegate/gamesnet/g_action/*

    File name Date kB Dlds File description
    --------- ---- -- ---- ----------------
    g78bdctr.zip 000413 285k 0 ABDUCTOR - ARCADE/ACTION/WINDOWS Your mission:
    To protect the inhabitants of the planet from
    the invading Abductor aliens. You ve got lasers
    and smart bombs with which to unleash electric
    death on them before they turn the whole
    population into mutants. Do not shoot the
    humans on the planet Shoot alien Abductors and
    rescue the humans as they fall from the dead
    invaders. Other than that kill everything in
    sight as quickly as possible and advance to
    higher and higher waves.
    gdcths10.zip 020319 1975k 0 THIS IS NO ROSE GARDEN 1.0 - ShareWare This is
    easily one of the most explosive shooters I
    have ever seen and I have seen a few. The
    graphics only make up a small part though the
    game is much deeper than that.

    Directory: /pub/filegate/gamesnet/g_addon/*

    File name Date kB Dlds File description
    --------- ---- -- ---- ----------------
    mrydct10.zip 990707 747k 0 Memory Doctor - v1.0 Win 95/98/NT - Shareware A
    cheat tool for Windows 95 98 NT. Allow find
    edit and freeze numeric values life ammo money
    and other in games in memory of DOS Windows 3.1
    and Windows95 98 NT processes runned under
    Windows 95 98 NT.Memory dump. Find strings and
    bytes sequences in process memory.

    There are 128 additional lines not included to this report.

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    * Origin: The Power Station BBS * powerstationbbs.ca * (1:342/5)
  • From ALLFIX+ 3:770/355@3:770/355 to Albano De Manuel on Thu Oct 11 19:17:00 2007
    Found at : The Maze BBS
    Telephone : 64-3-385-5391
    Address : 3:770/355

    Area : BBS Utils
    EDSEL10.ZIP 8,898 +-----------| pcmicro presents |-----------+
    | |
    | EleBBS Message Editor Selector |
    | Version 1.0 |
    | |
    | * Allows each user to choose their own |
    | Message Editor to use, from a list of |
    | up to 9 definable message editors. |
    | |
    | Pre-Configured for IceEdit, TurboEdit, |
    | DCTEdit, GEdit, QuickEd, TopEd, Tide |
    | and several others. |
    | Also supports EleBBS's internal Editor. |
    | |
    Beware of fake releases by Future Dream Net!
    8,898 bytes in 1 file(s)

    Area : Hard Disk Utils
    Version: 2.6
    Date: 1/6/95
    WDCDRV.386 is a "Fastdisk" hard disk driver for use
    under Microsoft's
    Windows 3.1 and Microsoft's Windows For Workgroups
    3.11 on 386 or higher
    based systems. WDCDRV.386 is a direct replacement
    for the built-in
    Microsoft 32-Bit Disk Access driver WDCTRL.
    Version: 2.6
    Date: 1/6/95
    WDCDRV.386 is a "Fastdisk" hard disk driver for use
    under Microsoft's
    Windows 3.1 and Microsoft's Windows For Workgroups
    3.11 on 386 or higher
    based systems. WDCDRV.386 is a direct replacement
    for the built-in
    Microsoft 32-Bit Disk Access driver WDCTRL.
    537,265 bytes in 2 file(s)

    Total of 546,163 in 3 file(s)

    File requests are welcome 24 hrs per day.
    We support callers at 33k6 bps!

    FREQ FILES for an allfiles listing.
    FREQ ADULT for a listing of all Adult Files.
    FREQ CATALOG for all Dark Thunder Software Titles.

    This list was created by ALLFIX v5.13 build 4

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  • From ALLFIX!+ 1:393/68@1:393/68 to ALBANO DE MANUEL on Fri Oct 12 00:22:34 2007

    Found at : The Positronium Repository { Lafayette, LA USA } 1:393/68
    | TTY:8,N,1 +1-337-232-4155 WildCat! BBS {Open D/Ls} |
    | > ALL Files scanned with latest A/V Signature Definitions < |

    Area : TeleGard BBS & Utilities

    DCTED004.ZIP 186,152 12-08-99 16:52:02
    DCTEdit v0.04 Gamma; The full-screen editor
    from DCT Productions is here! DCTEdit
    employs a pull-down menu interface -- which
    we are all experienced at using -- in
    addition to keyboard shortcuts for those who
    have memorised the commands. Some other
    features include: spell checking, automatic
    tagline stealing, configurable user displays,
    message area overrides (RA/PB/TG/EZY), text
    censoring, macros, message printing, multiple
    language files, text file importing, SysOp Fn
    hotkeys, user signatures, offline mail reader
    support, plus more! An editor like no other!
    Still freeware! [Released 5-Jan-98]

    ED004DIC.ZIP 88,356 12-08-99 16:52:58
    English language dictionary file for use with
    DCTEdit v0.04.

    Area : CD-ROM utilities

    CDCT11S.ZIP 47,639 12-10-98 10:52:16
    CDCT v1.1: Package of three CD emulators

    Area : Text utilities

    EJDX9401.ZIP 1,049,364 12-10-98 10:57:30
    EDICT.JDX ready-to-use index for edct9401

    JDIC23.ZIP 137,493 12-10-98 10:57:30
    Japanese<->English dictionary (needs edct9401)

    E-mail FReqs available To: [1]@(2).{3} Subj: FREQ Body: FREQ <file>
    (2) bellsouth [1] fido4cmech {3} net

    -=:{ ALLFIX! v5.11 build 4 }:=-

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