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    From Michiel van der Vlist@2:280/5555 to All on Fri May 1 00:03:00 2020
    UTF-8 area rules. 29 Februari 2020

    Topic: The UTF-8 character encoding scheme and all that comes with it.

    Except for messages written in ASCII only, all messages posted
    here must have a CHRS kludge in complience with FTS-5003. The
    preferred encoding is UTF-8, but other encodings are allowed.
    Willfully and knowingly posting messages with a CHRS kludge not
    properly representing the encoding in use is considered annoying.
    In case of a dispute the moderator is the final judge.


    Fidonet All Zones.

    This conference may not be gated into other networks without the
    explicit advance permission of the moderator.

    Access: All.

    Language: English.

    Real names only please.

    Moderator: Michiel van der Vlist

    Have fun, Michiel

    --- Anonymous Robot
    * Origin: UTF-8 Evangelist (2:280/5555)