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    From Jay Harris@1:229/664 to All on Mon Feb 26 19:25:06 2024
    Hi All,

    I'm running hpt on Linux (1.9 2024-02-05) & have been playing with "Send rules on subscribe". The .RUL files as contained in ERUL2402.ZIP (part of ELST2402.ZIP available in the ECHOLIST file echo) are all in unix format (lines ending with only \n).

    When someone adds a new echo via areafix and the rules are sent to them in a netmail, this is what it looks like:


    None of the linebreaks make it into the message & everything looks squished together.

    If I convert the file to dos format (lines ending with \r\n) things look a lot nicer:


    I post messages with "hpt post" which seems to understand unix format files, but the areafix robot doesn't appear to.

    Additionally the .RUL file needs to match the filename of the echoarea, including case. The rule files in ERUL2402.ZIP are all in UPPERCASE whereas my echoarea filenames are all lowercase, so they weren't being sent initially.

    I'm currently doing these two things as a workaround:

    Unzip the rule files in lowercase:
    unzip -LL ERUL2402.ZIP

    Convert all .rul files to DOS format:
    unix2dos *.rul

    And it now seems to be working nicely.

    Would it be possible to have the areafix robot understand both DOS & unix format .rul files when sending them via netmail? If it could also look for both uppercase & lowercase rule files, that would be an added bonus.


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