• gitup - minimalist git enduser tool

    From Kai Richter@2:240/77 to Alle on Wed May 26 12:10:04 2021

    At least Raspi FreeBSD users may be interessted because git would pull aprox. 200MB onto a fresh FreeBSD installation with all dependencys.

    I'd like to point to https://github.com/johnmehr/gitup

    A minimalist, dependency-free FreeBSD program to clone/pull Git repositories.

    It's below 100KB and it's only function is to pull a selected branch from a git server and to overwrite modified files on the local target. Because of this it's a "eat or not", if you've to do you own modification to the source before compilation then this tool is not useable for you.
    (Because the localised huskymak.cfg is outside of any husky module it would not be overwritten.)

    It's config seems complex because you have to define targets.

    # huskyproject gitup conf
    "defaults" : {
    "host" : "github.com",
    "port" : 443,
    "work_directory" : "/var/db/gitup",
    "branch" : "master",
    "huskybse" : {
    "repository" : "/huskyproject/huskybse/",
    "target" : "~/husky/huskybse/",

    "huskylib" : {
    "repository" : "/huskyproject/huskylib/",
    "target" : "~/husky/huskylib/",
    # and so on



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