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    Hello Everybody,

    Seems there is a population problem in Russia -

    So where have all the young men gone?

    Putin says his recent mobilization drafted about 300,000 men, 82,000 of
    whom are already in Ukraine. Another 300,000 Russians are believed to
    have fled to other countries to avoid the draft. The Pentagon estimated
    in August, before Kyiv's autumn counteroffensive, that Russia had
    incurred about 80,000 casualties in Ukraine, including wounded troops.
    "I feel like we are a country of women now," Moscow resident Stanislava,
    33, told the Times. "I was searching for male friends to help me move
    some furniture, and I realized almost all of them had left."

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/opinion/russia-s-catastrophic-missing -men-problem/ar-AA13LeJM

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