• Peaceful annexation of a Russian parking spot

    From Ward Dossche@2:292/854 to All on Sun Oct 16 11:50:06 2022
    In front of the apartment of the diplomat of the Russian consulate in the Finnish city of Turku, the Ukrainian flag is visible on the road. It was painted by two men: Jarno Virtala and Markus Mattsson. The two do not know each other, but saw their chance to protest peacefully against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    Virtala came up with the idea to paint the parking spot in Ukrainian colors. He put on a yellow vest to make it look like he was a workman for the municipality. Mattsson, who has a Ukrainian partner, happened to drive by on his way to work. He stopped and decided to help Virtala.

    "We held a referendum on the Ukrainian annexation of the parking spot. One hundred percent of voters agreed. There were no counter-proposals. So we decided to celebrate the decision by painting the Ukrainian flag," they wrote on Facebook.

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