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    From Björn Felten@2:203/2 to Lee Lofaso on Wed Sep 28 14:38:03 2022
    The last stable government Italy had was under Benito Mussolini.

    Yeah, one of those guys that promised to Make (his country) Great Again. "Again", as in turning the clock back to imaginary, better times. We've seen lots of them the last 100 years.

    Mr M in Italy
    Mr H in Germany
    Mr S in Russia
    Mr Z in China
    Mr P in Cambodia
    Mr A in Uganda
    Mr P in Chile
    Mr H in Iraq
    Mr T in USA
    Mr P in Russia
    Mr O in Hungary

    They were/are *ALL* bound to fail sooner or later.

    United we are strong, we win. Divided we are weak, we lose.


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